Hartkopf Attends Governor’s Criminal Justice Reform Committee Meeting

December 5, 2019

Director of Public Policy Brad Hartkopf joined stakeholders for the latest meeting of Gov. Reynolds' FOCUS Committee on Criminal Justice Reform, which you read about in a past edition of the ABI newsletter. A primary focus of the meeting on Monday was “Fair Chance Employment” or Ban the Box. A wide scope of perspectives were heard on this issue including state employment, national perspective, private employers and public comments. Hartkopf spoke during the private employer segment and stated that ABI is opposed to private sector ban the box, as we believe businesses should have the right to use that tool in the hiring and application processes if they so choose. ABI also believes that banning the box increases the liability employers face with potential accusations of discrimination. There is going to be a final meeting of the committee next week where recommendations will be made on how to reduce barriers for those re-entering society and seeking employment.