Hartkopf Testifies at Environmental Protection Commission

August 22, 2019

ABI’s Director, Public Policy Brad Hartkopf recently attended and commented at the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) meeting on Tuesday. Hartkopf spoke in support of Agenda Item #8 – Water Supply – Water Use & Allocation Annual Permit Fee. The DNR provided the commission with background on the fee and proposed to set it at $95 for FY20, which is $39 lower than what it was for FY18 and FY19.

The DNR is looking to create more stability in budgeting and less annual fluctuation in the fee. Its staff is also spending down some of the carryforward that currently exists within the program. The DNR hopes to set the annual fee at $95 for the next three years and to continue to chip away at the carryforward. Hartkopf’s comments echoed support for the DNR’s position on those fronts. The commission unanimously voted to approve the agenda item.