IIPAC Annual Report Available

May 17, 2018

Last week, IIPAC investors received the 2017 Annual Report outlining IIPAC’s successes and investments made in candidates who support business. The report is now online and available for all ABI members to view. Click here to see the report. You can see IIPAC investments increased from 2016, but we have more work to do. The voice of Iowa businesses and the hundreds of thousands of people they employ has never been louder at the Capitol. To maintain the competitive business climate that has been developed the last few years, we need your personal commitment and investment. Please click here to donate $118 dollars in recognition of the 118 days the Legislature met this year prior to adjournment.

ABI’s policy team was there, every single day and night advocating on behalf of business. Consider a $118 contribution in recognition of their efforts on behalf of the business community. Your contribution will go directly to supporting pro-business candidates and ensuring those who support business will return to the statehouse in 2019. If you give today you will be recognized at the ABI Taking Care of Business Conference as a Centennial Investor. Thank you to those who have already contributed, and we look forward to adding new names to the list!