Immigration/Security Aid Supplemental Fails Procedural Vote in the Senate

February 9, 2024

Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate unveiled the text of a compromise bill between the GOP and Democrats concerning border policy changes and funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. On Wednesday, a key procedural vote to advance the legislation failed 49-50. It needed 60 votes.

The $118 billion package had been negotiated for months between both parties as members on both sides of the aisle wanted to address the situation at the border while simultaneously giving funding to allies across the globe.

The blame game is in full effect as some Democrats are pointing to former President Donald Trump for being the reason why many Republicans backed away from the deal while some Republicans who opposed the proposal have said President Joe Biden is at fault for the crisis at the border as he’s not enforcing current law. House GOP Leadership had indicated before the bill even dropped that it was dead on arrival if it passed the upper chamber.

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