In Condition of the State Branstad emphasizes working together

January 15, 2015

On Tuesday, Gov. Terry Branstad delivered his Condition of the State address to a joint session of the Iowa Legislature. It was his 20th time delivering the address and the theme of his remarks was "Together We Can."

Highlights included:

  • A two-year balanced budget, including property tax reform and education reform
  • Working to ensure that students feel safe in schools with the Bully-Free Act
  • A commitment to bringing broadband internet to rural Iowa through the Connect Every Acre Plan
  • An announcement of the new Center for Human Capital Enrichment Plan and IowaNEXT Plan
  • A call to invest in Iowa's infrastructure
  • An announcement of third consecutive tuition freeze for Regent universities

The Governor noted dozens of businesses by name that are locating in and growing in Iowa. He also spoke to the need for workforce training, saying "A better-trained workforce means better opportunities for Iowa families. Simply put, no position in our state should be left unfilled due to a lack of skilled workers." 

View the full text of Gov. Branstad's condition of the state here.