Iowa Caucuses in Less than a Month; Utilize ABI’s Caucus Toolkit

January 9, 2020

Registered Iowa Democrats and Republicans will have the opportunity to make their voices heard before the world on Monday, February 3 as the first-in-the-nation caucuses will take place in the Hawkeye State. Caucus sites have been announced by both Republicans and Democrats. Democrats will also host satellite caucuses for those who are not able to attend at their assigned caucus site. Iowa has a closed caucus system, which means Independents cannot caucus and Republicans can only attend the GOP caucus and vice versa for the Democrats. While the primary focus of the caucuses is to support a candidate that you prefer for the presidential nomination of your party, other aspects of the event include selecting individuals to serve as delegates for their party’s county convention and also submitting individual planks to the party’s platform. It’s important you get out to caucus as Iowa historically plays a large role in determining the fate of many candidates’ campaigns. ABI’s Caucus Toolkit has all of the tools you need to learn more and get engaged in this process.