Iowa Legislature Approves New Maps for Redistricting

October 31, 2021

On Thursday October 28, 2021, the Iowa Legislature met in a second special legislative session to consider new district maps for the U.S. House, Iowa Senate and Iowa House. On this second attempt, the Legislature approved maps developed by a non-partisan legislative agency as outlined in state law. The Iowa Senate passed the redistricting maps on a 48-1 vote. The Iowa House voted 93-2 to approve the maps.

Majority Republicans in the Iowa Senate rejected the first set of maps asking the nonpartisan agency to make another attempt while paying closer attention to the compactness of districts and the population disparity between districts. Both measures were improved to the satisfaction of legislators and districts have now been established for elections that will occur beginning in 2022.

As is the case every ten years this process is undertaken, some new districts without current representation are created and some districts will have more than one incumbent. Over time this will sort itself out as some current members retire, move or seek other offices. 


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