Iowans show up in force for Republican candidates

November 10, 2016

Polls leading up to Tuesday night’s Election showed Iowans favored Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton by seven points. When the results were tallied, Trump won by more than 9 points, collecting 51.5 percent of the vote. He won 93 of Iowa’s 99 counties, and the decisive victory helped Republicans down ticket. As was the case in other states, Trump clearly did well in industrial areas of the state that have historically voted Democratic. Here are some interesting highlights, compiled from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office and various Iowa news outlets (all of the results are unofficial):

  • Trump is the first Republican to win Dubuque County since Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. He garnered 610 more votes than Clinton.
  • In 2012, President Barack Obama won Wapello County by almost 12 points. This year, Trump won by almost 31 points.
  • Trump won Des Moines County by more than six points. Obama won the county by more than 18 points four years ago.
  • Clinton won Iowa’s three largest counties - Polk, Linn and Scott - but by slimmer margins that Obama did in 2012. In Linn County, Clinton won by 10,000 votes, compared to a 21,000-vote margin for Obama in 2012.

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