Legislature Kicks Into High Gear

January 23, 2020

The 2020 Legislative Session has concluded its second week, and the ABI public policy team attended a number of subcommittee meetings throughout the week. With over 1,500 member companies, ABI tracks a variety of legislative proposals put forward by lawmakers. While pro-business bills are moving ahead, job crushers are also appearing and some have moved forward this week. Below is a brief synopsis of some of the key bills we’ve been tracking so far this year.

SSB3013 – Synthetic urine prohibition. This bill bans the use of synthetic urine for the purpose of defrauding a drug or alcohol test. The legislation creates criminal penalties for those who attempt to do this. The legislation is being put forward to deter this kind of activity and to keep workplaces safe. The bill passed a senate subcommittee and moves on to the full Senate Commerce Committee. HSB539 is companion legislation that has been filed in the House Judiciary Committee. ABI Position: For.

SF459 – ACTION ALERT – Guns. This legislation prohibits an employer from having a policy that bans guns being in an employee’s car on the employer’s parking lot. ABI is opposed to this legislation as it infringes upon employers’ private property rights and imposes a mandate on business. The legislation cleared a subcommittee Thursday morning and could be taken up in the Senate Judiciary Committee as early as next week. ABI strongly encourages you to contact your senator to oppose this legislation. ABI Position: Against.

HSB501 – Prescription insulin drug coverage. The House Human Resources Committee has advanced a bill capping employee co-pays for insulin at $100 per month. An amendment was offered and accepted in committee that would ensure that low-cost options are available in employer plans. The bill should not have an impact on employers providing healthcare coverage to their employees. ABI Position: Undecided.

SF476 – Adoption leave. The legislation requires an employer to treat an employee who chooses to adopt the same as an employee who is the biological parent of a newborn child in regard to employment policies, benefits and protections for the first year of the adoption. Though ABI is undecided, several questions were posed by ABI staff during the subcommittee. The bill will now move to the full Labor and Business Relations Committee. ABI Position: Undecided.