State Board and Licensing Reform Bills Advance

February 28, 2019

A House Labor Subcommittee met on Feb. 27 to discuss HSB 180. The bill establishes a review process for all professional licenses, registrations and certificates. The legislation also allows individuals with criminal backgrounds to petition to a licensing board to receive a determination whether their conviction disqualifies them from going through training and being licensed by a specific board. Advocates of the legislation include the ACLU, Iowans for Tax Relief and Americans for Prosperity. Licensed professions, specifically in the medical profession, expressed concern and requested exemption. ABI is currently registered undecided on the legislation.

A Senate State Government subcommittee advanced SF 201 with recommendation of amendments on Wednesday afternoon. The bill would set up comprehensive periodic reviews of all appointive boards and commissions. Each board and commission would provide a report on the review to the general assembly entailing purposes and functions, operations, actions and any policy initiatives undertaken during that specific period of time. Starting July 1, 2025, and every fifth year thereafter, all terms of office for all positions on appointive boards and commissions, which are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate, shall expire unless legislation is enacted waiving the requirement. The intent of the bill is to streamline and eliminate redundant boards and commissions. Some who attended the subcommittee expressed concerns about how broad the bill is and would like certain boards and commissions to be exempt, while proponents stated the bill would help reign in the size and scope of government.