Make Your Voice Heard on November 3rd

October 29, 2020

ABI will send out an email on Tuesday to remind individuals who have not yet cast their ballot in the general election to do so. For decades, ABI has worked to provide you with valuable resources when it comes to issue and election information. We strive to be the business community’s one-stop shop for policy and political information on the state level. To provide you with the best resources, we work with national partners like BIPAC, the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber to provide you with information that you can share with your employees. Although 2020 has been a year like any other when it comes to many things, we cannot underscore the importance of ensuring your voice is heard. If you plan to go to the polls and vote in-person, we want to share with you a message from the National Association of Manufacturers that it's sharing with its members. 

First, voting is safe. Election officials have offered many different ways to vote this year. If you go to the polls, be sure to wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing. Poll workers are also being equipped with personal protective equipment to ensure a safe experience for all involved.

Second, your vote matters. With so many races projected to be decided by razor-thin margins, it’s very important that you not take your right to vote for granted. In fact, one Iowa House race was decided by less than 10 votes in 2018.

Third, it’s important that you cast your vote for pro-business candidates up and down the ballot; especially for the Iowa House and Senate. You can view incumbent voting records for the 88th General Assembly here.

Last but not least, our voting process will endure. Regardless of who wins the elections, our country will move forward.

ABI would like to thank NAM for their continued partnership and allowing us to use the material in this article for our publication.