Members attend final air permit fee advisory meetings

July 9, 2015

This week, several ABI members attended the Department of Natural Resources Air Quality Bureau fee advisory meetings. These meetings were the last scheduled before the DNR proceeds with formal rulemaking which will set up the new permit fee structure. At the meetings, DNR officials took comments and answered stakeholders’ questions regarding the new fees. The DNR plans to have the rule draft completed by Monday and begin the formal rulemaking process where the rule will be formally open to public comment before going to the EPC for approval.

ABI submitted comments to the DNR stating we do not believe the flat fee approach is the most equitable way to levy fees. Instead, ABI would support an approach where businesses directly pay for the service received on a time basis. This approach would be the most equitable for fee payers and encourage industry and the DNR to work efficiently in application and issuance of permits. It would also provide additional transparency and accountability for the department. 

To view the updated documents, including the rule and draft fee projects, click “Fee Advisory Groups” under “workgroups” here.