Opioid Study Committee Meets; Expect Legislative Action

October 19, 2017

A two-day legislative opioid epidemic evaluation interim study committee met this week to examine the state's opioid crisis. Speakers from stakeholders including insurance companies, MCOs, doctors, pharmacies, treatment facilities, state agencies and individuals affected by addiction and deaths of loved ones to opioids spoke before the six-member, bipartisan committee

Legislation introduced last session on the topic in the house and senate did not advance. Representative Heaton and other members of the committee expressed strong conviction to advance legislation addressing opioids in Iowa this coming session.   

ABI adopted a policy regarding opioids for 2018, in the workplace and product safety committee. The policy is as follows:

Prescription Drug Abuse and Reform
ABI recognizes the serious negative effects opioid misuse can have on the health and safety of employees and workplaces. ABI supports efforts to reduce opioid abuse and educate the public, employers and employees about the dangers of prescription opioid abuse. Further, ABI supports reasonable restrictions on prescriptions such that patient needs are accommodated but controls are put in place to prevent abuse.