Other key legislation moving forward

April 6, 2017

In addition to the workforce legislation that advanced this week, several other pro-jobs and workplace safety bills passed this week.

SF 438 - The bill prohibits state and local government from requiring the use of project labor agreements for public construction. It passed the House on Tuesday 57-41 and has already been approved by the Senate.

ABI Position: For

SF 32 - The legislation would allow the use of hair for drug testing employees. An amendment was adopted to the bill in the House that says employers may only use hair for pre-employment screening and not for post-accident or random tests. The amended bill passed the House 75-20. The Senate accepted the House version of the bill on Wednesday afternoon and sent the bill to Gov. Branstad’s office for review.

ABI Position: For

HF 607 - Supports Iowa manufacturers of alcohol by updating outdated legislation, allowing them to be more competitive. This bill allows distilleries to sell individual servings on site and raises the cap on how many gallons of alcohol can be produced by the distillery. It advanced out of Senate Ways & Means Committee on Thursday. The legislation has already passed the House.

ABI Position: For

SSB 1169 - This bill increases the fees restaurants, schools and food processing plants have to pay for facility inspections. The legislation also requires specific information when an inspector is on site. Finally, the bill would allow any person, not just a customer, to make a complaint about the facility, which could result in increased administrative burden for the Department of Inspections and Appeals and increased time and regulatory challenges for Iowa businesses. A subcommittee was held on Tuesday. ABI is currently gathering more information about the legislation.

ABI Position: Undecided