Down ballot races are important, too

October 13, 2016

Much of the focus this election cycle has been on the presidential candidates at the top of the ticket. Many voters are not enthusiastic about either major party candidate running for president and may not feel compelled to cast a vote in that race. It is still critically important for Iowans to get to the polls and cast a ballot for races down ballot. In Iowa, those races include: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, state Senate, state House, county offices, judicial retention decisions and other local positions. The decisions made by these lawmakers can have a significant affect on our day-to-day lives and our businesses.

Remind your employees to look past the current rhetoric of the presidential campaigns and participate in this year’s election. ABI has resources to help encourage employees to vote in local races. Hang this poster in your break room or other high traffic areas, and use these social media graphics to help encourage your employees to vote down ballot in this election.