Primaries Matter–Educate Employees

May 10, 2018

Although the general election isn’t until November, many Iowans have the opportunity to vote for candidates in gubernatorial, congressional and legislative primaries. Iowa has a closed primary, where an individual must be registered with a party to vote in the primary. Iowa Democrats have competitive primaries in the gubernatorial and First and Third District Congressional races. Receiving less attention, but still important, Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans have primaries in some open seat legislative races across the state. Early and absentee voting is now open for the Tuesday, June 5 primary. If you plan to vote in the primary and also attend the ABI conference in Coralville, make sure to vote before you arrive! Also, don’t forget to educate your employees and peers about the importance of voting. ABI has a Primaries Matter toolkit produced by BIPAC on the website. Click here to see the toolkit and get information you can share on social media and your internal employee portals.