Public policy auctions are open, place your bids!

August 13, 2015

The auctions to benefit ABI’s public policy efforts are officially OPEN! Check out both the IIPAC and Iowans for Jobs Initiative Auction. These auctions offer something for everyone and every business, including Iowa Hawkeye and UNI Panther football tickets, several weekend getaway packages and even a Sen. Tom Harkin bobble head!

The IIPAC Auction benefits ABI’s Iowa Industry Political Action Committee and the money raised will help support candidates who understand the importance of a favorable business climate in Iowa. IIPAC only accepts personal contributions. Click here to see the items and start bidding!

The Iowans for Jobs Initiative Auction will help support ABI’s efforts to educate Iowans and legislators about the importance of sustaining and improving Iowa’s position as a good state to conduct business. The fund also educates voters and the public about legislators’ voting records and the impact bad for business legislation could have on the Iowa economy. The Iowans for Jobs Initiative is not a political action committee, does not endorse candidates and corporate contributions ARE accepted. Click here to see the items and start bidding!

Both auctions close at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 31 in conjunction with the ABI Executive Open.