Registration is Open for ABI Public Policy Committee Meetings

June 4, 2020

Following the adjournment of the 88th General Assembly, which is likely to occur late next week, the ABI public policy staff will turn our attention to the development of ABI’s policy statements for 2021. Regional meetings will be held and ABI's five public policy committees will meet in August to begin the process of providing policy recommendations to ABI’s Board of Directors, who will formally set the organization’s policies in September. The Employment and Workforce Committee will meet on Wednesday, August 5 and the Workplace and Product Safety Committee will meet on Thursday, August 6. Tax, Environment and Economic Growth Committee meetings have not been set yet. Meetings will be held in at ABI in Des Moines at 11:30 a.m. A Zoom video conference meeting will take place if we’re not able to gather together due to COVID-19.