Regulatory reform hits the ground running at the Capitol

January 19, 2017

We are only two weeks into the legislative session and already seeing action concerning regulatory reform in both chambers. One bill under consideration, Senate File 1, requires a job impact statement from state agencies prior to approval of administrative rules. This may sound familiar. State agencies are required to do this now under an executive order issued by Gov. Terry Branstad. A subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee (chaired by Sen. Bill Anderson, R-Pierson) discussed the bill on Wednesday. ABI members have benefited from the governor’s executive order, and ABI staff spoke in favor of the bill at the subcommittee. All three subcommittee members supported the bill. It now moves to the full Senate Commerce Committee.

ABI currently is following two other regulatory reform bills, House File 1, which addresses the regular review of programs and projects administered by executive branch departments, and House File 4, which addresses occupational regulations. ABI lobbyists are currently registered as “Undecided” on both bills. Make sure to read the weekly updates and participate in monthly legislative calls to stay up to date on any regulatory reform legislation.

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