Regulatory Reform Legislation Introduced

February 1, 2018

HSB 593/SSB 3132 would allow Iowa equipment manufacturers to transfer title to the end customer. Current state law causes administrative burden for Iowa manufacturers and puts them at a competitive advantage with out-of-state manufacturers, because these companies cannot currently sell the vehicles they manufacture as new vehicles. The intent of the legislation is to provide an exemption to Iowa’s dealer laws. ABI Board Chair Dave Zrostlik, Stellar Industries, and ABI member Connor Deering, Cemen-Tech, joined the public policy team at the Capitol on Thursday to talk about the importance of this legislation. The legislation advanced out of subcommittees and could advance to the full Commerce Committees next week. Staff contact: Nicole Crain, Jessica Hyland, Brad Hartkopf. ABI position: Support.

HSB 574 received a subcommittee hearing on Tuesday. The legislation would not allow state agencies to implement a rule, policy or procedure unless explicitly stated by Federal law. ABI spoke in favor of the legislation, specifically as it relates to policy documents and air construction permitting at DNR. There are some questions about the specific language in the bill and if the language needs to be adjusted to address some of the comments raised by committee members. The legislation did not advance. Staff contact: Nicole Crain. ABI position: Support.

HSB 571 is a Department of Natural Resources bill. The bill eliminates redundancies in the code, states the Environmental Protection Commission will have to issue a report biennially versus annually, moves from random inspections of on-site files of city and county public works departments to periodic reviews of permits and reports submitted, changes the definition of recycling and adds a new definition for recycling facility. The bill moved through subcommittee with no opposition. Staff contact: Brad Hartkopf. ABI position: Undecided.