Second funnel narrows legislative focus

April 2, 2015

The Legislature completed the second funnel this week, which allows the legislature to focus on the few policy bills still remaining. The week had a much different feel than the first funnel with most business done early in the week. The mood of the week is actually a good sign as now a majority of the legislators' time will be spent on Ways and Means and Appropriations bills. ABI’s No. 1 priority is a funnel-proof bill and could receive additional discussion in the next couple weeks. Here is an update on other key business bills:

Live Bills

HSB 174 - Exempts supplies used in manufacturing process

HF 576 - Broadband

SF 344 - Tax credit for companies who have apprenticeship programs (construction only)

SF 488 - Air Quality Bureau funding

HF 556 - Cell tower siting

HF 514 - Establishes motor vehicle insurance verification program

HF 192 - Requirement of written equalization notice and property tax appeal date changes

HF 443 - Future repeal of board of tax review

HF 421 – Relates to qualifications for career and technical education instructors

SF 410 - Mandates insurance coverage of opioid analgesic drugs 

Dead Bills

SF 270 - Wage payment collection

SF 269 - Minimum wage increase

SF 437- Mandates employers provide time off to attend presidential caucuses

HF 308 - Aligns state and federal alcohol testing policies

SF 375 - Adds additional employment benefits for adopting parents

SF 202 - Mandates co-pay equalization for physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists

HF 580 - Streamlines water filter testing requirements

SF 460 - Increases regulations for entities who pay employees via pay card

HF 590 - Establishes human capital enrichment advisory council and operations team

SF 297 - Classifies workers’ compensation ALJs as merit employees

HF 240 – Allows increased teaching load for community college career and technical education instructors

HF 587 - Creates new code section related to recreational vehicles

HF 394 - Regulation of transportation network companies (Uber/Lyft)

HF 194 - Statute of repose repeal