Second Round of Maps Unveiled, Legislature Meets Next Week for Special Session

October 22, 2021

Yesterday, the Iowa Legislative Services Agency (LSA) released the second set of proposed maps for the U.S. House, Iowa House and Iowa Senate Districts. The decennial process, known as redistricting, is taking place across the country as states look to establish legislative districts for the next ten years. The Iowa Legislature will convene a second special session October 28th to consider the latest proposal from the nonpartisan LSA.

Republicans in the Iowa Senate voted down the first set of maps earlier this month as issues related to compactness and population deviation were cited. The Legislature approved a resolution stating these concerns. The LSA is then supposed to apply those concerns as they constructed the new round of maps.
It’s too early to tell how Republicans will vote on the maps, as they have control of the House and the Senate. If the second map is voted down, LSA will have up to 35 days to issue a third map. The Legislature can amend this third map within the confines of the Iowa Code and the Iowa Constitution.