State Prison Industries proposes expansion - Take Action

June 4, 2015

Iowa Prison Industries has proposed new rules that would expand its sales opportunities and place it in even greater competition with private industry. IPI is an arm of the Iowa Department of Corrections that employs prisoners to make products and services, which can then be sold to government agencies, school districts and nonprofit groups.

The proposal under consideration would also allow them to sell directly to private contractors. This is a clear policy expansion and would result in direct government compettion with the private sector. The Administrative Rules Review Committee is meeting on Tuesday, and they need to hear from businesses about your concerns. Click hereto write to members of the Administrative Rules Review Committee. 

ABI on Tuesday participated in a public hearing with several members of the contractor and labor community at Iowa Prison Industries. During the hearing, ABI respectfully requested removal of the burdensome provision. The provision states: 37.2(5) Iowa state industries may sell products to private contractors when the prodcuts purchased will be used by a public entity as provided in subrules 37.2(1) to 37.2(3). To learn more about this rule and how to take action, click here.