Status Quo at the Legislature as 2022 Session Continues

May 13, 2022

There was no action in either the House or the Senate this week as policymakers continue working behind the scenes to find agreements on significant policy issues before adjournment. The key hang up is Education Savings Accounts (ESAs - school choice). Governor Reynolds and the Senate want the House to pass SF 2369, which establishes a limited number of ESAs and creates a parental bill of rights regarding their child’s education. The House has insisted with the bill as-is, they don’t have the votes to pass the legislation.

The one thing policymakers must do before they adjourn is pass a budget for the new fiscal year which begins July 1. The chambers are about $70-$80 million apart, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of an $8.2-$8.3 billion budget.

ABI staff is continuing to work on the PBM legislation to ensure that if a bill ultimately passes, it doesn’t include provisions that simply drive up the costs of healthcare without improving outcomes for individuals.