Take Action-Ask Congress to Reauthorize the Export Import Bank

July 23, 2015

Iowa’s economy is dependent on manufacturing; and manufacturers in Iowa are dependent on exporting products around the globe. That’s why reauthorization of the Export Import Bank is important to Iowa manufacturers and suppliers. ABI has continued to advocate for long-term reauthorization of the bank, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help to make certain US manufacturers are not at a disadvantage to foreign competition. You may not use the bank directly, but if you supply to a manufacturer the chance is the bank impacts you. More than $200 million worth of authorizations have been made in Iowa. Click here to see the full impact. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. Click HERE to write your Congressman and ask them to vote “YES” to level the playing field and support US manufacturing. Ask them to vote “YES” to reauthorize the EX-Im Bank. If you would rather call your Congressman, the National Association of Manufacturers has some talking points to include. Click here for more information.