Take Action: Encourage lawmakers to support workers’ compensation legislation

March 2, 2017

Legislation that will make needed updates to Iowa’s workers’ compensation laws moved out of lengthy subcommittees in the House and Senate on Wednesday. Subcommittees in both chambers heard testimony from those who would be affected by the bill, including several ABI members. ABI President Mike Ralston spoke about ABI’s long history with the workers’ compensation system and the need to restore Iowa to its premier status. ABI supports these companion bills, HSB169 and SSB1170, because they address imbalance and clarify Iowa’s workers’ compensation law, which has been eroded by a decade of activist trial attorneys and poor court decision. Click here to write your legislator and tell them you support the bill as well.

Representatives from other associations and workers’ compensation defense attorneys joined ABI member companies in expressing their support of the bills. ABI members talked about their experience with the current workers’ comp system and why it is not working for injured employees or employers.

Trial attorneys and labor unions showed up to vehemently defend the system as is. Right now, legislators are hearing from attorneys who profit off the current system. They need to hear directly from you! Click here to write a letter to your legislator.

The bills are on the agenda in their respective Commerce Committees Thursday afternoon. This means both bills would survive this Friday’s legislative funnel, when most bills must be out of a committee to continue to receive further consideration this session.

The discussion on this legislation will continue and we need our member companies to continue to contact your legislators in both chambers to let them know you support this legislation, and explain why the bill needs to be passed. The opposition will be very active.Legislators need to hear directly from you

  • Click here to learn more about the bill and print information you can share with your legislators.
  • Attend a forum this weekend to let your legislator know you support what they are doing on behalf of Iowa employers and employees!

Please, continue to stay engaged as these bills move to the floor and sign up for our Workplace and Product Safety Committee by emailing Michelle Vollstedt to receive the latest information on these bills as they advance.