The Legislative Session is in Full Swing

January 25, 2018

The third week of the legislative session has concluded, and ABI’s public policy team has been working hard representing members’ interests at the Capitol. More than 300 bills have already been filed this session, and ABI attended over 20 subcommittee meetings this week.

Here are just some of the bills we are tracking right now:

  • HSB539: This bill would raise the cap of reimbursable costs for companies that enroll in the DNR’s Land Recycling Program from $7,500 to $25,000. This wouldn’t affect sites already enrolled in the program, as it would begin starting July 1, 2018 if signed into law. The bill advanced passed subcommittee with no opposition. ABI position: Undecided.
  • HF648: The bill relates to career and technical education. It’s a cleanup bill that restores a reference to school corporations and accredited nonpublic schools mistakenly changed from a bill signed into law in 2016. It also provides for more flexibility and efficiency for CTE programs. It passed the House 98-0 last year and will advance to a full committee in the Senate. ABI position: Undecided.
  • HSB535: This legislation prohibits the use of a hand-held device and texting while operating a commercial motor vehicle. It creates scheduled fines and penalties for violations. It also seeks to put Iowa in compliance with federal regulations. ABI position: Undecided.
  • HF2004: The proposed bill amends the definition of small city when it comes to the purposes of eligibility for the workforce housing tax incentives program. Currently, cities that cross county lines with one of the 11 most populous counties are not eligible for the program. The language in the legislation would allow cities that cross county lines with one of those particular counties to now be eligible for the program. It passed the Economic Growth committee unanimously this week. ABI position: Undecided.
  • HSB54: This legislation would create certain weight limit exemptions for vehicles that are transporting raw forest and agricultural products. Various permits could be sold that would allow certain weight limits to be exceeded depending on the number of axles that particular vehicle has. It’s unclear at this point whether or not this bill will advance as multiple groups were either opposed to this bill or wanted to see changes to it. ABI position: Undecided.
  • SF2101: This bill, which would provide an additional new option for landowners to notify criminal trespassers not to enter their property, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. The bill would allow landowners to paint purple paint onto trees or fence posts at specified intervals in lieu of or in addition to other methods of notice. ABI position: Undecided.