Tort reform legislation filed

February 16, 2017

Several bills reforming tort laws in Iowa are moving forward. ABI supports legislation that will improve the tort system in Iowa.

SSB 1095/HSB 104: The legislation addresses how plaintiff claims must be made in asbestos cases, to ensure those who are ill get money set aside to compensate for those injuries and to prevent fraud.
ABI position: For
Staff contact: Jessica Harder

SSB 1011/HF 251: This legislation codifies common law as it relates to the liability of trespassers. SSB 1011 was taken up in the full Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. The bill passed with no opposition. Its companion bill has already passed the House Judiciary Committee and is ready for floor debate. The bill is now “funnel proof” in both the House and Senate.   
ABI Position:  For
Staff Contact:  Jessica Harder/Brad Hartkopf

HF 3/SSB 1010: This legislation changes the statute of repose, the time within which a construction defect or unsafe condition must be identified in order to bring a lawsuit. HF 3 originally proposed to reduce the current statute of repose from 15 years to eight years. The bill moved out of the House Judiciary committee this week with an amendment that carved out exceptions for nuclear power plants (15 years), residential construction (10 years) and intentional misconduct or fraudulent concealment (15 years). The senate bill has not yet moved forward.
ABI position: For
Staff Contact: Jessica Harder