Two Weeks Until 110th Day of 2021 Legislative Session

April 16, 2021

The Legislature is continuing to advance appropriations bills, which is a sign that the end of the legislative session is close. The House Appropriations Committee approved their versions of the Education and Economic Development Budgets while the Senate Appropriations Committee passed their versions of the Ag & Natural Resources, Judicial Systems, Education, Judicial Branch and the Rebuilding Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) Budgets this week. The House and Senate both include significant funding for the Future Ready Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship Program and the Employer Innovation Fund in their Education and Economic Development Budgets, which ABI supports. With per diem expenses for lawmakers set to expire on April 30, the Senate and the House are continuing to negotiate as both chambers look to bridge the gap in their differences on budget, tax and other substantive policy issues before the end of the month.