Updates on important business-related legislation

February 9, 2017

HSB88: Relates to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. A subcommittee was held on Thursday where many interested parties spoke about the bill.The intent of the legislation is to address the changes in drone technology since the last bill the Legislature considered a few years ago. Rep. Jarad Klein (R-Keota), who chaired the subcommittee, listened to the many concerns and said that he wanted to work with everyone to make sure the legislature gets this right.
    ABI position:  Undecided
    Staff Contact:  Nicole Crain/Brad Hartkopf

SF165: Allows companies who manufacture products in Iowa the opportunity to competitively bid for contracts from state agencies and departments. Currently, a department or agency must receive a waiver from the Director of the Department of Corrections in order to buy outside of Iowa Prison Industries. A subcommittee on SF165 took place Wednesday. The bill was approved 2-1. There is a similar bill, HSB49, that was voted on and approved by the House State Government committee on Tuesday.  
    ABI Position:  For
    Staff contact:  Brad Hartkopf

HF231: Requires an apprentice to be a resident of Iowa in order for the company to obtain financial assistance awards from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The bill was debated in the House on Thursday and passed 95-0. There is a similar bill, SF180, that has passed the full Senate State Government Committee.  
    ABI Position:  For
    Staff Contact:  Brad Hartkopf

HSB89: Mandates that employers and insurance providers provide health care coverage for abuse deterrent opioid drug products. There was a subcommittee held on Wednesday concerning this bill. No one spoke in favor of this legislation. The bill did not advance in its current form.  
    ABI Position:  Against
    Staff Contact:  Brad Hartkopf