Wage payment expansion moves forward in Iowa Senate

February 12, 2015

Senate File 39, a bill that would change the burden of proof in Iowa’s current wage payment collection to rest on the employer, has passed out of a subcommittee and is eligible for debate by the full Labor and Business Relations Committee. The bill increases reporting requirements and penalties for employers. ABI has continually opposed such legislation. In 2014, ABI suggested a task force be appointed to look into the issue. ABI firmly believes that employees should be paid for the time they work and that businesses be held accountable, however, the proposed legislation paints all employers with a bad brush.

The bill was passed out of subcommittee by Sen. Bill Dotzler (D-Waterloo) and Sen. Tom Courtney (D-Burlington). Sen. Rick Bertrand (R-Sioux City) opposed moving the bill forward. Bertrand offered to support legislation that would address education and enforcement of the existing law. It is yet to be seen whether any amendments will be accepted.