Water Quality Legislation Sent to Governor

January 25, 2018

Before session began, Gov. Reynolds said she hoped water quality would be the first bill she signed as Governor. Not only will it be her first to sign, it was also the first bill to be debated in the House. With the passage of SF 512, a priority of each chamber and the Governor was accomplished.

The Iowa House took up SF 512 on Tuesday, which was the water quality legislation that remained alive from last session. The House had a procedural decision to make, whether to insist on the amendment they added to the bill at the end of last session or to recede. The House voted to recede, which sent the bill to the Governor.

The legislation will provide funding for voluntary efforts to address water quality challenges in Iowa and provide new funding mechanisms for some point source nutrient reduction. Leadership in both parties and the Governor said the passage of this bill is an important step in the continuing efforts to improve Iowa’s water quality. ABI looks forward to continuing to be a part of the solution and involved in the conversations surrounding Iowa’s water quality.

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