Waterloo City Council Passes Local Ban the Box Ordinance

October 10, 2019

The city council of Waterloo passed an ordinance on Monday that would prohibit employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal background history and conducting a background check until a conditional offer of employment has been extended. The ordinance dictates what public and private employers do in their hiring practices at the local level. The Iowa Legislature in 2017 passed a law that stated in Iowa Code 364.3, “A city shall not adopt, enforce, or otherwise administer an ordinance, motion, resolution, or amendment providing for any terms or conditions of employment that exceed or conflict with the requirements of federal or state law relating to a minimum or living wage rate, any form of employment leave, hiring practices, employment benefits, scheduling practices, or other terms or conditions of employment.” ABI has received feedback from members and businesses concerned about this ordinance. If you have questions about the ordinance, the state law or how you can get involved with the issue, contact Nicole Crain.