Ways and Means committees consider several bills

April 30, 2015

The Ways and Means committees of the House and Senate considered several pieces of legislation impacting Iowa taxpayers late last week and earlier this week. Key bills to the Iowa business community include:

HF 660 (formerly HSB 245) - Requires municipalities to hold a public hearing before instituting a new franchise fee.

SSB 1272 - Increasing the state sales and use tax by ⅜ of a cent to fund the natural resources and outdoor recreation trust fund; passed Senate Ways and Means on Thursday with an 8-7 vote. The vote was party line with Sen. Chaz Allen (D-Newton) also voting no.

HF 653 - Department of Revenue policy bill that includes a sales and use tax exemption for ATVs used primarily in agriculture. The department requested removing the “directly” test as they said it is subjective. The bill also has miscellaneous clean up provisions including language for the disabled veteran property tax credit.

HF 656 - Provides a tax credit for a renewable chemical production facility. Also makes changes to existing tax credits with the Iowa Economic Developement Authority. The bill passed the Iowa House Thursday morning with a vote of 84-9. The bill now moves to the Iowa Senate.

HF 655 - (also known as Cell tower citing bill) Provides a uniform set of regulation for wireless communication infrastructure siting.