Week Five Concludes and ABI Priorities Are On the Move

February 11, 2021

Several key pieces of ABI’s public policy priorities are moving through the legislative process at the state Capitol. Reforms to Iowa’s employer-funded unemployment insurance program to promote fund solvency, protect Iowa economic competitiveness and ensure that appropriate support for workers who find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own have been introduced in SSB 1172 and HSB 203.

Changes to Iowa’s drug testing law advanced through the Senate Labor Committee this week. SSB 1055 changes the burden of proof required in court proceedings that arise from allegations by employees that drug testing protocols have not been followed by employers. Under current law the employer must prove they are innocent of the charges. The legislation rightly returns the burden to those bringing court action to prove their case.

Workforce housing tax credits are doubled in legislation (HSB 178 and SF 295) that passed the House subcommittee and out of the Senate Local Government Committee.

The governor’s broadband initiative to create a $450 million grant program for broadband deployment has been considered by respective subcommittees (HSB 133 and SSB 1089).

More bills than can be listed here are in some state of consideration to address the availability and affordability of child care in Iowa. To learn more about these initiatives and details on other ABI priorities making their way through the legislative process, please join us on our twice-monthly legislative update. The next one is tomorrow, Feb. 12, at 8 a.m. Please contact Michelle Vollstedt to join the Zoom meeting.