Workforce Information Advisory Council to meet

June 23, 2016

The Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC) will hold its inaugural meeting on July 13 and 14 at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Training and Conference Center in Washington, DC. The full meeting announcement may be viewed here. The WIAC is an important federal advisory council because the committee may recommend new reporting requirements for employers to be used in the evaluation of workforce programs. The full agenda for the meeting, and changes or updates to the meeting, will be posted on the WIAC’s website. Organizations or members of the public who want to submit written statements may do so by mailing them to July WIAC Meeting Public Statements and be postmarked by June 29. Submitters may include their name and contact information in a cover letter for mailed statements or in the body of the email for statements transmitted electronically.

The stated purpose of the WIAC is to provide recommendations to the Secretary of Labor, to address:

(1) The evaluation and improvement of the nationwide workforce and labor market information system and statewide systems that comprise the nationwide system; and

(2) how the Department and the States will cooperate in the management of those systems.

Thank you to UWC-Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers' Compensation for providing this information.