IIPAC Board Meets; Endorses Three More Candidates Running for Statehouse

October 8, 2020

The board of ABI’s political action committee, IIPAC, met on Tuesday to discuss a second round of investments in the campaigns of candidates who are running on a pro-business agenda in 2020. The board also decided to endorse three additional candidates who are running for seats in the Legislature. Those candidates, who are all challenging sitting incumbents, are Brooke Boden, Cherielynn Westrich and Jeff Reichman. Boden is running in House District 26, which is located in Warren County just south of Des Moines. Westrich is running in House District 81, which can be found in Wapello County in Southeast Iowa. Reichman is running in Senate District 42, which is located in Henry County, also in Southeast Iowa. You can view the news release here. IIPAC is proud to endorse and support candidates who back business and industry. You can view our first round of endorsements made in September here.