Policy and Appropriation Language Key to ABI Members in Budget Bills

April 26, 2018

As you have read and heard from ABI staff, the association does not typically take positions on the funding components of budget bills. However, we do monitor the budgets for policy language and appropriations that directly affect ABI members. Members will be interested in the following policy and funding provisions in the Senate appropriations bills:

  • Economic Development Budget: Funding for new registered apprenticeship programs, more than $1 million from interest off the Unemployment Trust Fund Reserve Fund to assist with paying for state workforce development field offices, policy to allow the Iowa Insurance Division to investigate workers’ compensation fraud. The legislation also includes funding for a summer intern pilot program, marketing for Future Ready Iowa and a Future Ready Iowa Coordinator. The initial Senate bill also includes language regarding reporting for Iowa Prison Industries (IPI) and establishing a nonprofit to work with IPI to build and sell homes. The House version of Economic Development Appropriations has different policy language than the Senate bill.
  • Education Bill: Funding for statewide clearinghouse to expand work-based learning and to provide high school students with community college class opportunities in the summer.
  • RIIF: Money from the Technology Reinvestment Fund to replace SPARS and fund an electronic online permitting system for the air quality bureau of the DNR.
  • Justice: Regional Housing Program that would provide $1 million to Iowa Prison Industries to establish and build affordable homes.