ABI Priorities Advance at Iowa Statehouse

March 9, 2018 | Iowa's infrastructure: State provides many transportation options for businesses Nicole Crain, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, ABI, ncrain@iowaabi.org

This week Iowa business leaders will meet with legislators about key policy proposals moving through the legislative process. After the first legislative funnel, which was Feb. 16, many of ABI’s priority issues advanced. A funnel is a self-imposed legislative deadline that is established to minimize the number of bills pending and to help legislators direct their focus on a smaller number of bills.

The second legislative funnel is Friday, March 16, and all policy bills must be out of one chamber and a committee in the opposite chamber. This deadline does not apply to Ways and Means, Appropriations or Government Oversight bills. In other words, the Legislature will soon shift away from policy and focus on the budget and tax reform.

Here is a summary of some ABI policy issues that have moved forward. Read ABI’s weekly e-newsletter for the most up-to-date information on pending legislation.

  • HF 2458/SF 2327 – Prepares Iowa’s future workforce by establishing a mentor program, provides scholarship dollars and creates an employer innovation fund. The Governor’s Future Ready Iowa legislation seeks to build on what is already happening around the state and help train students and workers for the economy of the future. Passed Senate and House Commerce.
  • HF 2308/SF 2262 – Allows Iowa’s equipment manufacturers to pass the manufacturer statement of origin to the retail customer, addressing administrative headaches for manufacturers, auto dealers and customers. Passed Senate 49-0 and passed House Commerce.
  • HF 2440 – Defines industry as part of the solution to the nutrient reduction strategy and allows industry to have access to some of the funding. Passed House.
  • SF 2235 – Creates a definition for critical infrastructure and sets up strong penalties for those who have the intent to vandalize or actually destroy this kind of property. Several ABI members are registered in support of this legislation. Passed Senate 33-16.

The Legislature and Gov. Reynolds have also introduced comprehensive tax reform. The ABI public policy team has been receiving information from members and educating legislators about the implications of the proposals. If you’re interested in staying engaged, you can participate in the monthly legislative calls. The monthly calls will continue until the Legislature is adjourned.