ABI Public Policy Committees Convene Next Month; Join Us!

July 24, 2023 | Financial Firms Thrive in Business-Friendly Iowa Brad Hartkopf, Senior Director, Public Policy, ABI, bhartkopf@iowaabi.org

We’re in the heart of summertime now, which means one of the most critical functions of ABI as an organization is set to begin soon. Dates have been set for all five public policy committee meetings, which meet during the month of August. 

Environment will meet on the 1st, Employment and Workforce on the 8th, Workplace and Product Safety on the 9th, Economic Growth on the 29th and Tax on the 30th. 

Environment covers topics including air quality, water quality, PFAs, and more. Economic Growth includes issues areas like housing, immigration, incentives, infrastructure, energy, government competition and more. Employment and Workforce covers unemployment insurance, right to work, education, healthcare, civil rights and more. Tax includes all types of taxes, streamlining local and state government, ensuring government is accountable when using resources and more. Workplace and Product Safety covers workers’ compensation, tort reform, drug and alcohol testing and more.

The meetings are a key step ABI takes in establishing what our public policies and priorities will look like in 2024. The meetings are led by ABI members and policies and priorities are established by ABI members. The grassroots process allows for those in attendance to make their company’s voice heard on issues that matter to them. 

If your company has tax experts, send them to the tax committee meeting. If your company has environmental compliance experts, send them to the Environment Committee meeting.

The more members that attend the meetings the better as it allows the public policy team to be stronger and more knowledgeable about the issues that matter most when advocating on behalf of business and industry.

Attendees will also hear from influential speakers pertinent to each committee. Iowa Department of Natural Resources Division Administrator Ed Tormey and General Counsel and Rules Coordinator Tamara McIntosh will be presenting to the Environment Committee. Iowa Workforce Development Business Engagement Division Administrator Kathy Anderson is speaking before the Employment and Workforce Committee. Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals Director and interim Labor Commission Larry Johnson will be giving remarks to the Workplace and Product Safety Committee. Iowa Utilities Board Chair Erik Helland will come before the Economic Growth Committee. Iowa Department of Revenue Director Mary Mosiman will speak before the Tax Committee.

These meetings in August are significant. We want you to join us and let us know what we should be focusing on in 2024. Go to www.iowaabi.org/events to register for one or more of the meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Brad Hartkopf at bhartkopf@iowaabi.org or 712-249-8589.