‘Brain Gain’ Rises with Introduction of Emerging Leaders to Iowa Business Network

March 13, 2020 | An Iowa success story McKenzie Kielman, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator, ABI Foundation, mkielman@iowaabi.org

Iowa is competitive in attracting and retaining the workforce needed for business and industry advancement, which challenges educators, employers and communities to cultivate our emerging leaders.

While the work of many are turning the ‘brain drain’ perception of just a decade ago into the ‘brain gain,’ we need to continue these efforts to increase and fortify the advocates for our state, its people and its advancement.

Students have more accessible educational pathways than ever before to pursue careers meaningful to themselves and our state. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to keep our emerging professionals. Studies show talented and skilled workers are the most likely to move by far, affirmed by less than half of Iowa college students saying they’re likely to stay in the state.

We know there are consequences if we do not connect the next generation—economically, as well as politically and culturally. We also must understand how rural, suburban and urban communities are disproportionately affected with continued collaborative efforts to rise together.

An opportunity available to all college students in the state, which can also be offered by Iowa companies as an internship capstone, is ABI Foundation’s five-day program Leadership Iowa University.

Participants connect with a multitude of Iowa businesses and professionals through exceptional touring and networking opportunities, allowing the class to experience life as an Iowa entrepreneur, civic leader and other paths. Students proactively develop skills needed for an evolving workplace by strengthening self-awareness and self-confidence, then plan their next steps with the help of HR professionals.

Students return to their companies and colleges with an increased understanding of the importance of their work and a stronger vision for their future. You can be the difference for the emerging leaders in your life by recommending Leadership Iowa University.

Leadership Iowa University 2020 is August 9-13 in Des Moines. Applications will be accepted until the program is filled. Applications can be completed now at www.LeadershipIowaUniversity.com.