Business Horizons Sets Students Up for Success

March 10, 2017 | Industry leaders flying under the radar Jessi Steward, Marketing and Programs Coordinator, Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation,

It is never too early for high school students to start preparing for their future and taking advantage of opportunities to set themselves apart from the crowd. Fortunately for the students of Iowa, one opportunity is Business Horizons, a program of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation that has been providing students with essential college and career experience for over 30 years.

Here are five ways that Business Horizons can have a positive impact on high school students you know:

Build vital leadership and teamwork skills. During Business Horizons, participants work together as a team with other student-leaders from across the state to take part in exciting challenges and competitions. Students bring out their inherent leadership skills and personal strengths to achieve team goals.

Gain resume-worthy college and career experience. Students spend the week living as an independent college student while participating in a program that can earn them college credit and a scholarship. Participation in Business Horizons helps students stand out as young people who are focused and invested in their future.

Receive a fresh take on Iowa and career opportunities. Business Horizons exposes students to Iowa businesses and professionals in a variety of fields. Students leave with knowledge of new career opportunities and how they can accomplish their goals right here in our great state.

Learn valuable life lessons for a successful future. Dynamic, expert speakers join the program throughout the week, who inspire and challenge students to think differently. They explore topics like creativity in today’s workplace, personal communication tactics, how to manage finances in and after college, and more.

Return to school even more focused and motivated to succeed. Participants walk away with enhanced confidence in their ability as leaders and the important role they play on a team. The program provides real-world application of knowledge learned in the classroom, creating a greater interest in learning and motivation to work hard when they return to class in the fall.

The ABI Foundation is currently accepting nominations and applications for this summer’s Business Horizons program, which will take place June 25-29 at Central College in Pella.

Interested students should apply soon. Students who apply before April 20 will receive a $60 discount on participation. To learn more, to nominate students and to complete applications, please click on the link below to visit the Business Horizons website.