Business Involvement is Essential to Education

August 14, 2020 | Business in education Steven M. Bradford, ABI Chair, HNI Corporation, Muscatine,

This month, the feature article in Business Record Iowa highlights something important: the need to build strong partnerships between business and education.

When it comes to education, business involvement is essential to ensure Iowa students gain the resources and skills they need to be part of a world-class workforce. The more business is involved at every stage of education, the more our students will see and understand the opportunities that exist right here in Iowa.

The results of these partnerships are overwhelmingly positive in terms of economic development and building stronger communities. These partnerships create greater opportunities for both students and businesses.

Strong educational opportunities don’t stop once one enters the workforce, of course. Both ABI and the ABI Foundation produce high-value educational and informative programs and events all over Iowa year-round. The goal is to connect ABI members and Iowans, enhance business opportunities and share information of value with each other.

On a different note, ABI began a new fiscal year last month. The state of the association is strong, both financially and organizationally, and its role is more important than ever for business in Iowa. Your support and participation make all the difference in ABI’s success.