Business owners: It's time to prepare for the unexpected

April 8, 2016 | Business Gurus: To whom do Iowa leaders turn for advice? Principal Midwest Business Resource Group,

Like most business owners, you spend
 a lot of time integrated in your business, learning about and dealing with unexpected hurdles to keep it growing and thriving. But are you prepared if an illness or injury kept you from working?

According to the 2015 Principal Financial Group Business Owner Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, business owners prioritize protection of their business first, personal income second and providing health and wellness solutions for employees third. Surprisingly, very few businesses have protection solutions in place for their top two priorities.

It’s time to align your financial strategies with your business priorities to help keep you, your business and those that rely on the success of your business protected.


  • Risk Management Planning – Overhead Expense insurance reimburses you for fixed business expenses, such as lease or mortgage payments, business-related loan payments1,2 and employee salaries during a disability.
  • Key Person Protection – Key Person replacement insurance provides benefits to your business if a key person becomes totally disabled.2
• Succession Planning – Disability Buy- Out insurance provides the funding to help buy out a disabled partner under a buy-sell agreement.

2) PROTECT PERSONAL INCOME with individual Disability Income (DI) insurance. It helps provide you and your employees (if you choose) with income during a disability. You can also consider solutions that help protect the ability to save for retirement in the event of a disability.

3) WORK WITH A FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL to help you find the right solutions for your business, you and your employees.

Don’t let a disability derail your business’s future success. Take steps now to align your financial strategies with your business priorities.

Matt Bral and Tony Niedert are Financial Representatives of Principal Life Insurance Company. Insurance issued by Principal Life, a member of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392. Matt Bral can be reach at 515-226-8072. Tony Niedert can be reach at 515-246-4048.

1 Available through a cost rider. 2 Not available in all states. Disability insurance has exclusions and limitations. For cost and complete coverage details, contact your Principal Life financial representative. DI9564 | 03/2016