Doing the Math of Volunteering

March 8, 2019 | Building bosses McKenzie Kielman, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator, ABI Foundation,

We as Iowans are fortunate to have tremendous opportunities to get involved in our communities, and the impact is often compounded far greater than the time and effort of the good deed done. However, when so much of our day is driven by the bottom line, allocating the time and resources to these opportunities doesn’t always seem feasible.

At the ABI Foundation, we know that time is valuable. It adds value to the lives of our program participants in incalculable ways, and the return on investment for Iowa results in more well-prepared leaders and exponential growth for the state.

While the feel-good response of donating your time to a cause you care about is an input that cannot be computed, it is exactly these emotion-driven interactions that fuel the collaboration between our program participants and volunteers.

“Leadership Iowa University (LIU) introduced me to companies, business owners, community leaders and college students I would have never met but for my participation in the program. My current professional role working with rural communities and their community foundations throughout Iowa comes as a direct result of my participation in LIU as a student, and my continued connection to the ABI Foundation as a board member and mentor allows me to reciprocate and grow these relationships. LIU showcases some of the best Iowa has to offer to the type of young people we want to keep here in our communities.” – Joe Sorenson, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines Leadership Iowa University Alum, Board Member and Mentor

“Business Horizons is such a valuable and rejuvenating program for participants and volunteers alike. The opportunity to see such energetic students engage in a team project that requires collaboration and personal growth, all over the span of just one week, is enjoyable and really puts the real-world work life into a different perspective. I enjoy working with these students to help develop them professionally, and the overall experience enhances my excitement for what the future of Iowa has in store once these young professionals spread their wings.” – Mandy Johnson, Collins Aerospace Business Horizons Alum, Volunteer and Program Sponsor Representative

If you’re looking for an opportunity for you or your organization to partner with a mission-driven organization, here are three simple ways you can get involved with the ABI Foundation:


Visit our program websites to nominate high school students, college students and adult professionals to participate in our programs, or invite them to learn more about these special opportunities. Stay up-to-date by following Business Horizons, Leadership Iowa University and Leadership Iowa on Facebook and Twitter!


There are many ways to be involved in ABI Foundation programs. Volunteer commitments range from an hour or two to multiple days. We have endless opportunities to connect work that fulfills you to our expansive programming.


Become a program sponsor and create a legacy alongside us as we strive to create life-changing experiences. Having a positive connection with a business can result in becoming a lifelong advocate, knowing your investment is made for the future success of our state.

To learn more about the ABI Foundation programs, please visit and contact us.