Election Season in Full Swing

June 1, 2018 | Iowa businesses carve out global opportunities, look at the future Nicole Crain, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, ABI, ncrain@iowaabi.org

One month ago, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry wrapped up the most successful General Assembly in recent history, but it would not have been possible without key allies in the Iowa House and Senate.

This week, on Tuesday, June 5, several candidates will face primary challenges to earn the opportunity to have their name listed on the general election ballot in November. Primary elections don’t typically get the media attention and voter turnout of a general election, but the primaries do signal the beginning of election season.

If the 87th General Assembly taught us anything, it is that having informed legislators at the Statehouse is invaluable in our efforts to advocate on behalf of ABI members and Iowa businesses. The decisions the Legislature made the last two years have made Iowa more competitive in which to do business, and many of those legislators who voted for the pro-jobs policies are now up for re-election.

For issues important to Iowa employers and employees to move forward, we need to continue to elect lawmakers who understand the importance of a business climate that fosters growth.

I hope you will consider these two easy things to support pro-jobs candidates in November:

  1. Go to www.iavotes.com. Learn where your legislator stood on a competitive business climate by checking out the “My Government” and “Voting Records” link. You can also find your polling place and learn about changes in Iowa’s voter laws related to identification and registration.
  2. Support the Iowa Industry Political Action Committee. IIPAC plays a key role in supporting legislators and serves as a collective voice for Iowa’s business community.

Your personal contributions to IIPAC help strengthen that voice and ensure we continue to have strong support in the Iowa House, Senate and governor’s office in the coming years.

Would you rather have uninformed or informed legislators making decisions on behalf of Iowa employers? Make your personal IIPAC contribution now and help sustain our strong voice at the Iowa Statehouse.

Visit www.IowaABI.org/public-policy/iipac to learn more and to donate.

BY THE NUMBERS: ABI’s 2018 Legislative Session

  • 3 – ABI lobbyists
  • 320 – Number of bills tracked
  • 51 – Number of bills supported
  • 27 – Number of bills opposed
  • 12 – Number of bills passed by both chambers