Giving Back the Way Only You Can

July 12, 2019 | The joys of Iowa summers Kate Washut, CEO, Far Reach,

Every summer, the Far Reach team gets to give back to the community in a unique way—using our technical skills to help the Sturgis Falls Celebration with their website and mobile app. Sturgis Falls is an annual weekend-long community celebration in Cedar Falls that includes live music, entertainment, a carnival, a parade, kids activities, and so much more.

There are many different ways to get involved in Sturgis Falls—and in any cause you choose to support. We could give money or volunteer during the event, but we choose to help by using our unique expertise. In exchange, Far Reach is listed as an in-kind event sponsor.

Helping a nonprofit in this way is a win- win. A good cause gets much-needed pro bono support and our team gets to be involved, use their expertise and see—and, as in this case, even experience—the impact.

As businesses in Iowa, we can give back to our communities in creative ways. Giving fiscal support is still important, of course, but it’s worth thinking outside the box. What are some unique ways your company could use its expertise, knowledge and resources to help the organizations in your community that are making an impact?

Imagine the possible benefits both for the causes you care about as well as your team.