Help build on 2017 success with IIPAC donation

June 9, 2017 | A Culture of Corporate Giving Nicole Crain, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, Iowa Association of Business and Industry,

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry just wrapped up its most successful legislative session in recent history, but it would not have been possible without key allies in the Iowa House and Senate.

The victories of pro-business, projobs candidates at the ballot box last November helped lead to victories for Iowa companies and employees at the Capitol this spring.

If the 2017 legislative session taught us anything, it is that having informed legislators at the Statehouse is invaluable in our efforts to advocate on behalf of ABI members and Iowa businesses across the state.

Each year, hundreds of bills are introduced in the Iowa Legislature. In order for issues important to Iowa employers and employees to move forward, we need to elect lawmakers who understand the importance of a business climate that fosters growth.

ABI’s Iowa Industry Political Action Committee, IIPAC, plays a key role in supporting such legislators and serves as a collective voice for Iowa’s business community.

Your personal contributions to IIPAC help strengthen that voice and ensure we continue to have strong support in the Iowa House and Senate in the coming years.

Would you rather have uninformed or informed legislators making decisions on behalf of Iowa employers? Make your personal IIPAC contribution now and help sustain our strong voice at the Iowa Statehouse.

Visit to learn more and to donate.


3 - ABI lobbyists
301 - Number of bills tracked
70 - Number of bills supported
47 - Number of bills opposed
21 - Number of ABI-backed bills signed into law
more than 350 - Hours of debate watched
more than 2,7000 - Number of hours spent lobbying on behalf of ABI members