Help Make a Difference in the Lives of Iowans – Volunteer with the ABI Foundation

February 9, 2018 | A shared identity: Eastern Iowa unites to create Creative Corridor Jessi Steward, Marketing and Programs Coordinator, ABI Foundation,

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Here in Iowa we have many outstanding organizations that serve the diverse needs of those in our communities and across the state. For many, if not all, of these organizations, volunteers play a profound role in the success of their efforts and are relied upon to help drive their missions forward. It can be difficult, however, for volunteers to select just one or two organizations to which to devote their limited “extra” hours in the day — hours that are not already filled with the daily obligations of work and life.

At the ABI Foundation, we are truly fortunate to work with an army of dedicated volunteers who make all the difference in the experiences and programs we offer year after year. Volunteering with the ABI Foundation not only benefits our participants from across the state and all walks of life, but it also enriches the lives of those who choose to donate their time and talents to developing the future leaders of our state.

Here are FIVE ways you can benefit from a volunteer experience with the ABI Foundation:

  1. Become a mentor. ABI Foundation program participants span a wide variety of geographic, socio-economic, educational and personal backgrounds and attend our programs for a variety of reasons. Students may attend with hopes of gaining career experience, increasing their self-confidence, finding their strengths or simply stepping outside their comfort zone. No matter their background or reason for attending, all participants benefit greatly from role models who genuinely care about their future. Oftentimes the mentorships formed last far beyond the program.
  2. Broaden your perspective. The young people entering the workforce in the next few years are vastly different from those who entered five years ago. They will bring new knowledge and skills, as well as a unique mindset, to the workplace. Reach beyond the secondhand information and stereotypes and truly learn about our future workforce and all they can offer through firsthand interaction.
  3. Represent your company. As a volunteer, you’re not only representing the professionals in our state, but you’re also representing your company — one of the many in Iowa that care and invest in the future of our young people. It’s no question a positive experience with a business at a young age can result in a student looking first to that same business when seeking an internship or job. Our participants are taking the time to proactively better themselves and prepare for a successful future. You would be hard-pressed to find a better prospective candidate pool.
  4. Connect with like-minded Iowa leaders. ABI Foundation volunteers are a connected team of professionals, young and veteran, who want to see our state grow by helping others succeed here in Iowa. While their job titles and backgrounds may be vastly different, our volunteers form long-lasting friendships and expand their networks of trusted individuals who they can call upon for expertise in the future.
  5. The opportunities are endless. It doesn’t take a certain job title or a large amount of time or funds to be involved in ABI Foundation programs. Our volunteers and supporters are entrepreneurs, engineers, financial advisers, educators and more. Volunteer opportunities range from an hour or two to multiple days or months. Sometimes all it takes is one conversation, one action or one individual willing to devote a few minutes to inspire greatness.

One of the most valuable ways you can contribute to the ABI Foundation is by spreading the word to others about our programs. Please invite high school students, college students and adult professionals you know to learn more and take advantage of these unique opportunities available to Iowans.

If you’re feeling inspired to give back to others, your community and the state, consider volunteering with the ABI Foundation or learning more about our programs. If you’re already an ABI Foundation volunteer — thank you. We are incredibly grateful for your support each year. We owe the success and impact of our programs to you.

To learn more about our programs or volunteer opportunities, please visit and contact us.