K-12 Program Helps Students Find Career Passions, Abilities

August 14, 2020 | Business in education Michele Farrell, Program Manager, Elevate Advanced Manufacturing, mfarrell@measuredintentions.com

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The Iowa Intermediary Network links K-12 students to career exploration opportunities in the state through exciting work-based learning with highly dynamic and technology-driven Iowa industries. Entering the seventh year of implementation, Intermediary Coordinators at each community college provide experiences for students and educators to interact with industry professionals. Intermediary programs are partially funded through the Iowa Intermediary Network grant, a legislative initiative allocated through the Iowa Department of Education.

The Iowa Intermediary Network connects today’s students to future careers though high-quality, real-world experiences. Some experiences offered across the state for students include: classroom speakers, career fairs, worksite tours and job shadows. For educators, the Intermediary network provides: connections to business and industry for student internship opportunities, educator tours, educator professional development and educator externships.

The work of Intermediary Coordinators follows an intentional work-based learning continuum of career awareness, career exploration and workplace training so that students receive the types of experiences they need to progress to higher stages of learning. By creating experiences at the foundational levels of awareness and exploration, Coordinators position students to find their career passions and abilities.

Intermediary Coordinators are proud of the work they do to help students determine their future endeavors. Read the success stories of students April and Kay at www.iowain.org. Both students, from different parts of the state, benefited from the experiences they had with the Iowa Intermediary Network, which positioned them for success after high school.

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